Abundance & Triumph offers three tiers of service delivery:

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These services are offered by Nikki Smith, a highly skilled practitioner with 19 years experience in the community service sector. Nikki has a strong network of professional colleagues with a diverse range of skills who add value to Abundance & Triumph and complement its service delivery.

The three tiers of service can be offered by Nikki and/or her professional networks who offer innovative and dynamic service and solutions. Abundance & Triumph offers these services to improve the health, wellbeing, success and achievement of individuals, groups, teams and organisations as a whole.

The following information provides a summary of the three tiers of service offered by Abundance & Triumph;

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Are you looking for a strengths based practitioner who can inspire clients to achieve increased health and wellbeing?

Abundance & Triumph provides a welcoming, friendly and inclusive environment. A therapeutic and emotionally intelligent framework creates opportunity for you to build personal and professional purpose and confidence.

The first level of service offers specialised case management in the following areas:

Psychosocial Wellness Assessment
This service provides an evidence based theory tool of intervention. The Psychosocial Assessment offers a time specific intervention, encouraging participants to therapeutically address their unique and personal needs, identifying personal strengths and their ability to resolve life challenges in a meaningful and healthy way.

A therapeutic assessment, planning, implementation and review process will offer participants strategies and skills to identify realistic goals. Through appreciative inquiry and guidance, the aim is to build and maintain momentum towards outcomes that are dynamic and inspiring to individuals and families.

Importantly, a structured assessment tool encourages a partnership approach where clients receive therapeutic intervention to effectively harness their capacity to improve quality of life.

This tool of intervention includes a final report outlining presenting issues / inclusive goal setting strategies / participant goal achievement / review and evaluation of service / case closure or re-referral recommendations.

Complex Case Coordination
This service involves consultation and support for your team’s case management of clients. Complex Case Coordination will offer opportunity for teams to collaboratively identify effective intervention strategies and solutions to complex problems.

Furthermore, facilitation will encourage a ‘bigger picture’ perspective of socio-political and multi-layered issues that affect vulnerable individuals and families. The aim, to support staff to think laterally about ‘wrap around’ service interventions rather than getting stuck in a space of case management stagnation or ‘client blaming’.

Complex Case Coordination can be offered as a workshop, during team meeting sessions and in appropriate circumstances, mediation between client and case management personnel.

Counselling / Community Outreach
This service provides the opportunity to build and maintain trusting relationships, acknowledging personal difficulties and identifying broader social issues that adversely impact a person’s health and life experience.

Counselling and Community Outreach provides therapeutic care and practical assistance to individuals and families in need of support. The aim, to achieve improved health, wellbeing and life abundance. This flexible intervention harnesses participant empowerment to reach their desired goals.

Trauma and life challenges can be overwhelming for clients. People may not seek help because mainstream services can be intimidating at times. However, Counselling and Community Outreach encourages clients to see crisis as an opportunity to grow. We offer flexible community outreach that meets clients within a place they are comfortable with, rather than just the confines of a clinical setting. This service includes 6 to 10 sessions and re-referrals options.

Do you want to improve team focus and productivity to achieve practice excellence?

Healthy leadership involves an inherent belief that all employees have the professional competencies and motivation to work ethically to achieve practice excellence. After all, you employ professionals who you believe have the necessary skills and attributes to successfully undertake the position, aligning their practice framework with your organisation’s values and purpose.

The second level of service offers transformational staff and team development that meets and exceeds contemporary practice standards within the community service sector;

Individual Supervision / Coaching
This service offers a structured process to enhance practitioner’s self-awareness and capacity to achieve genuine, authentic results. It provides a platform to;

  • Support staff in taking personal responsibility for professional practice.
  • Enhance understanding of their integral part in team collaboration that creates high quality performance.
  • Discuss and identify practical strategies to engage in practice excellence within a team environment.
  • Improved capacity to recognise and respect the diverse skill sets of team members.
  • Respectfully challenge unhealthy coping strategies that adversely impact team performance.
Group Supervision / Coaching
This service provides opportunity to build high performance team dynamics and achieve practice excellence. Group Supervision / Coaching offers practical strategies to;

  • Increase productivity and high performance outcomes.
  • Effectively harness staff talent, passion and skills.
  • Work collaboratively to address complex problems.
  • Develop emotional intelligence and professional capacity to increase team work and outstanding service delivery.
Conflict Resolution
Team conflict can impair a practitioner’s ability to focus on the important issues. Unhealthy conflict can lead to staff feeling stressed and anxious.
Conflict reduces productivity and team morale.

Additionally, team conflict can lead to organisational issues such as a lack of staff retention, increased grievance, complaints and overall decrease in functioning. Our clients are worthy of receiving high quality services and for this reason its best to ‘nip conflict in the bud’.

Abundance & Triumph offers flexibly tailored support processes to address team conflict and develop positive team dynamics that increase;

  • Approaches to resolve complex problems and stay unified under pressure.
  • Constructive conflict – it’s ok to disagree but it’s important for teams to have self awareness and resolve differences in a healthy and constructive manner.
  • Early intervention – conflict is a normal part of team work and can be overcome with attention, nurturance and re-focusing energy to achieve work satisfaction and practice excellence.
  • Team cohesion and alignment with high quality program outcomes and organisational goals.


Is the ‘crisis cycle’ hindering performance outcomes and your organisation’s ability to reach its goals?

Abundance & Triumph offers comprehensive knowledge and experience relating to innovative solutions that optimise program design and management, organisational performance and capacity.

The third level of service offers dynamic and innovative leadership workshops, including;

Professional Development Training
Contemporary service standards expect organisational values that promote professional development, continuous improvement and evaluation. This service offers professional skill development for growing practitioners and developing leaders.

Clients deserve to receive high quality services from practitioners who increasingly understand the sector, appreciate their ethical obligations and want to develop a diverse range of skills.

Organisations and staff who are committed to a journey of professional learning increase capacity for high quality performance. Training packages can be tailored to the individual needs of your organisation, providing:

  • Evidence based practice and theory to facilitate thought provoking and insightful workshops and training.
  • Training topics including but not limited to; effective communication and appreciative inquiry, client centred practice, strength based practice, therapeutic intervention, proactive engagement with at-risk clients, crisis intervention, risk management, effective partnership collaboration, leadership and nurturing practice excellence, cultural diversity in the workplace, organisational health / change management.
  • Experiential learning opportunities to enhance emotional intelligence, professional capacity and effective team work.
  • Leadership activities that create a captivating presence, inspiring others to share a unified vision to achieve organisational goals.
  • Enhanced lateral thought and analytical decision making to build organisational sustainability.
Program Design and Development
This service incorporates inclusive consultation with staff and management teams to design exceptional programs that achieve innovative and viable outcomes. Abundance & Triumph recognises the complex interface between community services and global capitalism.

Organisations are increasingly required to design programs that achieve increased outcomes within a tighter budget. The contemporary world of community service has to think laterally to stay viable in a capitalist market.

Keeping this perspective in mind, Abundance & Triumph offers program designs and development including, but not limited to the following areas;

  • Out-of-home care
  • Outreach support
  • Adventure based learning (ABL)
  • Crisis on-call and intervention
  • Accommodation support
  • Independent living skills
  • Intensive family support
Management Support
Working in the community service sector is demanding and at times, all consuming. You are only human if you’re looking for a collaborative partner who understands the enormous pressures you experience, within a sector that is constantly changing to meet demand.

Abundance & Triumph offers consultation and support services to decrease workload pressures. A diverse range of practical options are available to you for a time limited period or longer term project. We can negotiate and design an action plan that attends to your specific needs and budget.

Examples of management support include but are not limited to;

  • Staff recruitment / induction training.
  • Grant funding / consultation and/or writing draft applications for submission to government organisations or philanthropic foundations.
  • Realistic solutions to optimise program management.

You are worthy of life abundance and triumphant success in all aspects of your personal and professional life….. so take this opportunity to use your complementary 30 minute consultation to see how Abundance & Triumph can provide you with management support.

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