“Nikki has been my supervisor in a number of positions as a youth worker, outreach worker and coordinator for close to a decade. But more than that she has been my mentor, supporting me to create a vision for myself to become a high performance professional in the field of community services. Her strong leadership style, positive attitude and unwavering commitment has inspired me to believe in myself and my ability to move into middle level management and leadership.

She helped me to see the importance of professional development to the point that I decided to further my studies to gain a degree qualification. Nikki’s taught me the importance of following due process and keeping the client’s needs and best practice central to any decision making that I do.

Nikki’s belief in critical reflection and continued growth as a practitioner was always evident in her facilitating supervision and her availability on-call as my direct line manager. Nikki taught me the value of networking and what impacts this has on our clients and communities that we work within.

I believe that my professional practice and the positive outcomes we saw from so many of our clients was directly influenced from Nikki’s leadership and mentoring.

I believe that Nikki’s extensive experience and leadership style would be an asset to any organisation, team or individual who is seeking guidance and leadership to take their career and professional development to the next level”.

“I have worked with Nikki on the senior management team of a not-for-profit organisation. She is relentless in her passion to see the best results achieved for her clients and to obtain sustainability for the services she leads.

Her commitment to ethical decision making, comprehensive experience from front line service delivery all the way through to senior management and social work qualifications position Nikki well to provide insightful and decisive support to clients, service providers and advocates alike.

Nikki is an inspirational leader whom I enjoy working with and would recommend to any service or client who was considering using her services.”
“I have worked with Nicola (Nikki) Smith in a professional capacity since 2013.

From the very beginning of meeting with Nikki, her enthusiasm for the provision of social justice activities and outcomes in her working sphere was clearly evident. My work colleagues and I, in the Brisbane Homelessness project encountered a willing community-based worker and inspirational leader in Nikki, to champion better outcomes for clients of the community sector. Her entire professional approaches to the work she undertook was a huge contribution to the successful outcomes of our project.

Also, as an Indigenous man, it was clear that Nikki displayed sensitive and cultural astuteness to engage, communicate and participate with Indigenous clients on a very positive and conducive manner. I have since had the pleasure to work with her and Abundance & Triumph, and the same diligent approaches to her training and other services are consistently of high quality and calibre.

Nikki is a thorough professional, with a sharp eye for detail and attention. Coupled with an awesome engaging personality and loyalty. I absolutely recommend Nikki and Abundance & Triumph and wish her sincerely the best in her future endeavours”.
“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Nikki for approximately 6 years now. Nikki has always been someone I can rely on due to her experience and professional knowledge, to help me deal with some very difficult problems I have had with a number of foster children over the years. I could always trust in Nikki‘s honesty and integrity to deliver independent and diplomatic advise when needed and yet an ear for unconditional support without judgement.

I really appreciated Nikki’s ability to talk me through the specific issues I was having and the strategies she offered were practical and helped me to solve the problem. This was very helpful to me as I didn’t want to become another placement breakdown for such vulnerable children.

There are many skills that stand out about Nikki but one in particular is her ability to articulate the theories and legislation that I needed to use to advocate to the department on behalf of the children. I am extremely grateful that she was able to understand my issue and assist me in conveying that to the department in the appropriate language so that the children would receive the counselling and extra support they needed to help them heal and improve their quality of life.
I would not hesitate to recommend Nikki to others who are looking for assistance to improve family relationships and offer case plan strategies that make a difference.”

“I have worked with Nikki since 2005 and am impressed with her commitment to the young person and their family, her enthusiasm and energy and her desire to work using a sound theoretical framework while also drawing upon practice experience.

Nikki is an accredited trainer who uses her understanding of adult learning principles and her experience to provide practical training designed to meet the varying needs of participants. Nikki’s enthusiasm for training and commitment to facilitating learning is seen in the time she gives providing individualised feedback using a strengths based approach.

Nikki’s studies in Social Work and her experience in working in organisations and across various systems (child protection, youth justice, mental health) provides her with valuable insight and understanding that will enhance her role as a social work consultant”.

“I’ve known Nikki for over 10 years as a professional colleague. Nikki is a great practitioner – committed to her client group (I know her best from her significant years working in the child and family sector); willing to always reflect and develop her practice; she’s honest and ethical, a great team player and has great perseverance.

I have always enjoyed her energy, enthusiasm and initiative and it has been great to work alongside her on many projects.”

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